Thus was born the Alpaca Loca brand

Annemarie, the founder of Alpaca Loca, has always been entrepreneurial. It had long been a dream to one day start her own brand, but with quality products made in a sustainable way. During one of her trips as a flight attendant, she was amazed by the wool industry of the people living in the Andes Mountains. The idea to start Alpaca Loca was born! 

Once back in Holland, she soon decided to go back to Ecuador to experience the mountain life that had grabbed her so much the first time. Annemarie: "The culture there is different from the rest of the country because there are indigenous tribes living there with very old traditions. The colors in the traditional clothing with the beautiful landscape as a backdrop make the country so cheerful and warm. They live with the day and are very hospitable and warm-hearted."

As Annemarie chatted with many people from the mountain tribes, she learned more about their culture and the beautiful alpaca wool they wore. After quite a search, she was finally referred to a wool weaver family nearby with a small home factory, where they use hand and weaving machines to produce the most beautiful alpaca wool products.

Annemarie: "I went to visit them and was welcomed with open arms. Soon a partnership was formed: I was going to distribute their beautiful products throughout Europe, and thanks to their craft, this has succeeded! Without their knowledge and skill, Alpaca Loca would never have become so successful. I am very grateful to the wool weavers and everyone in their community who helps out for that." 


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