Let's start at the very beginning...

Welcome to the first blog, the start of a blog series.

Alpaca Loca, meanwhile we are almost a household name among the fair trade brands & we are quite proud of that! As a young and innovative label, we are specialized in the design and production of warm and soft quality products made of alpaca wool.

Not only to provide you with a wonderfully warm and high-quality product, but also to give your outfit or home decor that little bit extra. We not only sell a product, but also a story, wrapped in Alpaca wool. A story that could not be written without our Alpacas from Ecuador.

Have you already met our fluffy, sweet and social animal friends? Not only are they wonderful to look at or to pet, their fur processed in a scarf or plaid is a gift for your skin. So soft, so warm and wonderful to snuggle under.

A hat, mittens and a scarf for the cold bike ride you have to take after a long day of work before you finally get home. A wonderfully soft plaid for that same cold winter evening on the couch, with the candles lit in the company of a good book.

Our values ​​are with you, the welfare of the animals, the supply of Fairtrade products and the nurturing communities around the alpacas. Warm scarves, soft plaids, everything with a high quality with a choice of the deepest and most beautiful colors. Let us be part of your story by taking Alpaca Loca with you wherever you go, through wind and rain, we are here for you.

– Maxime Suiskens

Let’s go overseas…

Ready for some fun ins and outs about Ecuador and Peru?   Ecuador and Peru have several things in common. Both countries are rich in beautiful nature and located in South America. Also, both belong to one of the most beautiful places in the world, at least if you ask us. Where Peru is known for the Machu Picchu, Ecuador's charms are in its many green national parks.   In other words, there is always something to see, and you can't get enough of it. Not only are you surrounded by unprecedented nature, warmth and the necessary humidity to make this possible, the animals that live there also differ greatly from what we know. For us, of course, at number one is the Alpaca. With its beautiful appearance, sweet stature and lovely warm woolen coat, the Alpaca is the heart of Alpaca Loca. These strong and calm animals make the high quality wool we use possible.

The sweet, honest and hardworking people, from small mountain villages in Ecuador and Peru enjoy making this superior product. Due to the large temperature differences, the shearing of the alpaca's fur is very necessary.
Nature makes the hairs fall out partly by themselves, but Peruvian and Ecuadorian farmers help by shaving the wool.
That way the animals do not suffer from their thick pack of wool in the extremely hot summers.

The team that makes Alpaca Loca's products are part of the wool weavers communities in the Andes mountains in Ecuador and Peru. They make it possible for us to provide our products with the beautiful and warm Alpaca wool, keeping us warm in the cold winters or on the coming cooler summer nights.

– Maxime Suiskens


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