About Alpaca Loca

About Alpaca Loca

Alpaca Loca is a young and innovative label that wants to introduce as many people as possible to alpaca wool in a stylish way. We design and produce fair trade products such as plaids, scarves and hats. Alpaca wool has many advantages over sheep’s wool or cashmere. For example, alpaca wool does not contain lanolin (unlike sheep’s wool) and the fabric is therefore hypoallergenic. The structure of alpaca wool is stronger and therefore more durable. Because alpaca wool pills much less, it feels comfortable on bare skin. The alpaca wool fiber is naturally dirt and water-resistant. Thanks to the hollow fiber, alpaca wool adapts to your body temperature. The fabric keeps you warm in the winter and cools you down in the summer.

Alpaca Loca uses wool from Ecuadorian alpacas. Here our products are handmade by a close-knit community of weavers. We value quality, tradition, integrity and social responsibility. The wool weavers receive a fair salary and we regularly check the working conditions in the factory ourselves. Through this setup, a purchase of an Alpaca Loca product contributes to the economic growth of Ecuador and alleviating poverty among alpaca herders.

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About Alpacas

About Alpaca Loca alpacas wool products

Alpacas are known as one of the most adorable creatures on the planet. The high cuddle factor of the alpaca is of course due to their fluffy appearance, but also to their social character. Alpacas live in groups and are often extremely curious about the world around them. Their unique coat makes them popular as well: in the high plains of South America, the animal has been bred for centuries for the special fiber of their wool. Alpaca wool has a naturally soft feel and exists in no fewer than 52 colors. As a result it requires little processing, which makes it a sustainable choice.

About the shaving process

The alpaca's thick coat protects it from the cold winters in the Andes Mountains. In the summers, which can get extremely hot, the alpaca sheds some of that fluffy coat on its own. The Peruvian and Ecuadorian farmers help the alpacas with this so that the animals do not suffer from their thick woolen coat. This shaving process is done under strict government supervision to ensure that the tightened rules are followed. The yarn used by Alpaca Loca comes mainly from small-scale wool farmers. The income of these local farmers depends on their alpacas, which ensures extra good care for their animals. The farmers also use special electric shavers, which means that shaving takes up to just 20 minutes and is only required once a year. 
This makes the process animal-friendly from start to finish – one of our most important values as a brand.

View our collection of plaids and scarf and discover the ultimate softness of the alpaca wool!

About Alpaca wool

Alpaca Loca wool weavers community

Alpaca wool is known for its super quality. Centuries ago, the wool was recognized as an exclusive product by the Inca peoples in South America. It was then only for the nobility to buy this expensive 'super wool' and have it woven. The wool has such a high quality that it has developed over the years into a luxury product in the Western world. The natural fiber is hollow and light, easily transcending the warmth and softness of other wools. The fiber has a durable construction, so that the wool remains functional and beautiful for a long time. Because the wool does not contain lanolin, it is hypoallergenic and water-repellent.

About the community

Alpaca Loca's products are made by different communities of wool weavers in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador and Peru. This special craft is passed on from generation to generation. The whole village contributes their knowledge and skills to the manufacturing of your scarf or plaid. And because the local residents experience first hand how cold the nights in the Andes can be, they know better than anyone how to make this product as warm and comfortable as possible.


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