5 facts about alpacas and their wool

  1. Alpaca wool occurs in nature in as many as 16 unique colors: from a bright white, to a light pink, as well as a deep black. Between these official shades, some 200 more hues can then be distinguished.
  2. Alpacas have soft pads under their hooves and only one small nail. Because of those soft feet, their humping in the pasture where they graze has little impact on the surface. As a result, the soil where they live remains intact and the grass is not churned up. 
  3. Products made from alpaca wool are perfect for people with sensitive skin. This is because the wool of an alpaca does not contain lanolin, a substance responsible for allergies. Alpaca wool is therefore hypoallergenic. Good news for people who normally can't stand wool. Your alpaca wool sweater or scarf will not sting or itch and you can simply wear it comfortably on your bare skin. 
  4. Alpacas can take a beating. The animal can survive in temperatures between -40 and +40 degrees Celsius. And this versatility is reflected in their wool. Alpaca wool products have a cooling effect in the summer and a warming effect in the winter.
  5. The final surprising feature of this rock-solid material: alpaca wool is fire-resistant! An alpaca's wool even meets the standards to be labeled a fire-resistant material. 


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