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Alpaca plaids & dekens

Wonderfully pleasantly warm plaids made of alpaca wool can be found at Alpaca Loca in all kinds of colors and shapes. We have single and double woven plaids, blankets in various solid colors and our native plaids with a beautiful print. The single woven plaid is very light due to the hollow fiber of the alpaca wool and therefore good to use as a blanket on the couch or bed. The double woven plaids are a bit thicker and therefore very warm. They are also reversible so they have two different colors. So you can match the plaid to your interior!

Alpaca wool plaids and blankets in a variety of colors and prints
Our collection of plaids includes blankets in all kinds of prints and colors. A plaid in a beautiful aztec print, but also plaids with beautiful solid colors. It's just what you like! The plaids are made of alpaca wool, one of the most exclusive wools that exist. This makes the fabric very soft and light. The hollow fiber makes them insulating on cold days and breathable on warm days. So you can use the plaids all year round.

Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic
Alpaca wool has an awful lot of positive properties. In addition to being insulating and breathable, alpaca wool is hypoallergenic. This means that the fabric does not itch or sting the skin. This is because alpaca wool contains no lanolin and has a pure and smooth fiber. If you are allergic to sheep's wool, you can probably just wear alpaca wool because this fabric is constructed differently.

Alpaca wool is dirt and water repellent
Can you sometimes be clumsy? And does a glass of wine or piece of chocolate ever fall on the couch or your clothes? No worries! The plaids made of alpaca wool can withstand wind and weather, and even red wine and chocolate don't stand a chance. This is because alpacas live at extreme altitudes so their fur is adapted to extreme situations. This makes alpaca wool dirt- and water-resistant. 

Alpaca Loca's alpaca wool is 100% fair trade
All Alpaca Loca products are 100% fair trade. Our plaids are produced in Ecuador by a community of wool weavers. We pay a fair price to the wool weavers and purchase the products with fair trade terms. In this way we help the wool weavers in terms of social progress and environmental improvement. So by purchasing an alpaca plaid you not only have a quality product in your hands, but you also contribute to a better world!