Let's start at the very beginning...

Welcome to the first blog, the start of a blog series.

Alpaca Loca, meanwhile we are almost a household name among the fair trade brands & we are quite proud of that! As a young and innovative label, we are specialized in the design and production of warm and soft quality products made of alpaca wool.

Not only to provide you with a wonderfully warm and quality product but also to give your outfit or home decor that little bit extra. We sell not only a product, but also a story. A story that could not be written without our Alpacas from Equador.

Have you already met our fluffy, sweet and social animal friends? Not only are they wonderful to look at or to pet, their fur processed in a scarf or plaid is a gift for your skin. So soft, so warm and wonderful to snuggle under.

A hat, mittens and a scarf for the cold bike ride you have to do after a long day at work before you finally get home. And a lovely soft plaid for that same cold winter evening on the couch, with the candles lit, looking for the finest road movie.

Our values lie with you, the welfare of the animals, providing Fairtrade products and the caring communities around the alpacas. Let us be part of your story by taking Alpaca Loca with you wherever you go, through all weathers, we are here for you.


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