Here's why alpaca wool is so warm

Alpaca wool has been loved by a very large audience since the last few years, and we are not surprised. For example, it is suitable for sensitive skin, wonderfully soft to dream away instantly, it keeps you cool in summer and warm in winter. And to give some more information about this last fact, in this blog we explain the main reasons why alpaca wool is warmer than most wools.

Alpaca wool is warmer than sheep's wool 

Did you know that alpaca wool can be up to 7x warmer than sheep's wool? Although it is more common for clothing to be made from sheep's wool - mostly due to lower production costs - the truth is that alpaca wool makes it easier to stay warm than sheep's wool. This is mainly due to the structure of fibers. This is because in alpaca wool they are hollow, allowing more air to enter. And air is a very good way of insulating, making alpaca wool naturally warmer than sheep's wool (and other types of wool). For that reason, your alpaca wool scarf comfortable to wear in all seasons.

The absence of lanolin 

The fact that alpaca fiber contains less lanolin is also a major reason why alpaca wool keeps you well warm. This is because lanolin has water-repellent properties, which sometimes gets in the way of its insulating properties. Conclusion from this is that the fabric keeps you less warm as a result. 

Thinner fibers provide a warmer feel 

Another important reason why alpaca wool keeps you wonderfully warm is the thickness of the fibers. In alpaca wool, these are in fact quite thin compared to other wools. The thinner the fiber, the more closely you can stitch it together. And because it is stitched a little closer together, less air can pass through which ultimately results in - you guessed it - a warmer feeling. 

While there are a few more reasons why alpaca wool keeps you so warm (and just cool when it's hot), these are the main ones. Do you get cold easily? Then now you have another reason to choose alpaca wool and notice the difference yourself. 

Alpaca Loca is a sustainable clothing brand selling quality products made from alpaca wool, made by a close-knit community of wool weavers in Ecuador. To give back, regular donations are made to important initiatives, such as the Tandana Foundation in Ecuador.


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