4 reasons to choose sustainable alpaca wool

The fact that durable alpaca wool has become hugely popular in recent years is actually not surprising to us. The technique behind the production of alpaca wool products is an ancient art form and absolute craftsmanship, producing beautiful and stylish creations. But in addition to this wonderful tradition, alpaca wool itself is also wonderfully soft, comfortable and is a material suitable for every skin type. More reasons? We tell them to you below. 

1. Softer, softer, softest

Compare your favorite alpaca wool scarf or alpaca wool plaid with those made of cotton, or goat wool, or any other material and see the differences right away. Durable alpaca wool is an incredibly soft and comfortable material, making it much loved by many people, but it goes beyond that. Alpaca wool is also naturally hypoallergenic and less prone to pilling, meaning it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and you can enjoy beautiful alpaca wool products long after purchase. 

2. Sustainable alpaca wool and a heart for the environment

If sustainability is high on your list of importance then alpaca wool is a material that suits you. In terms of lifestyle, alpacas have little impact on the environment because they often graze on pasture that does not dry out the soil. In addition, alpaca wool is biodegradable, which means it does not leave behind any harmful residue after its lifetime. By choosing sustainable alpaca wool, you are contributing to a more circular fashion industry and reducing your carbon footprint as well as supporting our products of Alpaca Loca a loving and warm community of wool weavers in the Andes mountains.

3. Provides warmth and coolness when desired

Another advantage of alpaca wool and why this material is so incredibly versatile and beautiful is that it has an insulating effect. Thus, it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Whether you need a cozy plaid for a cold evening on the couch or by a fireplace, or a light scarf to add some warmth to your spring outfit, alpaca wool adapts and keeps you comfortable. 

4. Say it with style

Finally, we at Alpaca Loca think style is also an important thing and we especially want to sell products that allow you to show your own style. That is why you will always find our alpaca wool scarves and alpaca wool plaids in a wide variety of colors, so that everyone can be happy and find their personal style. Whether you go for a plain effect, a colorful scarf or a plaid with symbols, you will always find something. 

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